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Travel Tips

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Севилья [13 Dec 2015|07:57pm]

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Севастополь [12 Sep 2015|06:13pm]

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Березовка [04 Jun 2015|05:03pm]

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В Сербии [08 May 2015|04:58pm]

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Загорье [27 Apr 2015|08:30pm]

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Виченца [10 Dec 2014|11:16pm]

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Стамбул [09 Dec 2014|08:38pm]

Стамбул: Большая и Малая София, Голубая мечеть, Храм Святой Ирины, дворцы, цистерны, музеи...

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Moscow: Sukharevckaya Sq. [08 Dec 2014|03:15pm]

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Вена. Самое старое колесо обозрения в мире и виды с него на город. [28 Aug 2014|05:13pm]

Оригинал взят у skaznov в Вена. Самое старое колесо обозрения в мире и виды с него на город.

Этот аттракцион считается символом города и любимым местом туристов. Построено колесо в Вене было в 1897 году и стало самым первым в мире большим колесом обозрения. Во времена Второй мировой войны аттракцион сильно пострадал, но его работу быстро восстановили власти вместе с местными жителями. Если у вас есть 9 евро и немного свободного времени, прогулка на нем доставит удовольствие однозначно.
читать далее...Collapse )

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[28 Jun 2011|11:35pm]

Wow...so I randomly stumbled upon this community and it seems pretty amazing. I wish I had found it a year ago but I guess better late then never. So as I was reading through all the posts I honestly feel like I could reply to most of them.  I just finished a world tour and I am just starting to document everywhere I have been, I still have a lot to write but I've finished the first few countries!

I did New York, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and...I think thats it, might have missed a few. But I have also been to Peru and most of the caribbean and I'm from Toronto. I'm more then happy to answer any questions or to help people out. Living out of a backpack for a year has definitely taught me to budget and still I managed to really enjoy my travels. If you have any questions or want any advice on anything, read my journal or give me a shout!

Hope you enjoy your travels as much as I did :)
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Полный "Песец" - приключение для тех, кто любит природу и не боится плохих дорог [06 May 2011|02:44pm]


Информационное агентство «Видео Новости»Полный "Песец" - приключение для тех, кто любит природу и не боится плохих дорог
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easyJet: New promotional code coupon - GBP10 off your next flight [27 Apr 2010|05:47pm]

Simply enter the key word EASYASH in the promotional code box when making a booking at www.easyJet.com discount code valid to 30.04.2010

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[16 Mar 2010|10:46pm]

Can we do a post where people comment with a specific city/place and people reply with recommendations of any kind for that place? :)
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Quick qustions for tourists :) Please help!:) [13 Feb 2010|05:37pm]

Hi guys!!

I want to ask you and need your ideas :)) We're starting special game for tourists in Russia. The game which should help tourist to discover the genuine moscow, to better understand russians and to have fun here in Russian capital.

Now we have some tasks like these: find secret place using help of russians, found out somthing, take N photos with russian people, find the expensievest thing in the central shop..

Do you have any ideas what else can we offer people who come here? What whould be a fun and interesting task or mission for you if you come to Russia? :)

I will appreciate any idea!!

Thank you very very much for your attention and advices!

Nikita Bogdanov
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Trabsfer AirPort Pulkovo I, II St-Petersburg Russia [25 Nov 2009|02:38pm]

Our taxi will meet you at airport or at railway-station, we help you with luggage and you will get your destination with pleasure.

Special signboard with your name will make you not to get lost.

Advantages of booking your transfer with us: friendly English-speaking driver, comfortable and reliable cars such as Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo etc. Also 1 hour waiting doesn't demand any extra pay.

Also you can order the transfer to another districts near Saint-Petersburg (Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina etc.)

Possibility of farer transfers could be discussed.

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[08 Oct 2009|04:54pm]


We're also interested in people who have or are currently studying abroad to join and recommend their school/program and or tell us why maybe going abroad with ___ isn't such a good idea! So if you're interested, please take a look!

Sorry for any cross-posting.
Hope this ok mod's. If not, my apologies.
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New FREE service for air travellers [23 Sep 2009|06:21pm]



Just want to let you all know about an exciting new FREE global service - AeroStatus!

What do you do to get a flight status information like:
- if the flight departed and when
- if there is any delay
- when it is expected to arrive, etc?

Usually people call airports or airlines or go online to get flight information, which is costly, especially when roaming, takes a lot of time, and is sometimes not possible at all due to lack of Internet access or language barriers. Even with all the advances in mobile communication technology, most people find it difficult and inconvenient to get even basic information like the time of departure or arrival or details of any delays as there is no single source of information. With AeroStatus this situation changed forever.

Now if you need to get information about any flight in the world, do not look for the airline or airport information service, do not spend time in the internet, do not spend money to call customer service - use AeroStatus!

It’s extremely simple to use - simply send a text message containing the flight number (e.g. JL11) from your phone to the global access number +44 7786 209009 (or other country-specific numbers, depending on the customer’s mobile network) and in a few short moments you will receive the real-time status of the flight, containing information such as the time of departure, arrival, any delays, as well as the relevant gate or terminal where available. And all this in your preferred language, which you select by yourself.

In addition, it is possible to request automatic flight status updates which will alert you instantly should the status change in any way. All you have to do is add a question mark to the end of the flight number in the request message (e.g. JL11?). After that one request, you will receive all further updates, including any delays, confirmation of departure, updated expected arrival times, and confirmation of arrival, upon completion of the flight.

In order to use the service using mobile email, the request simply needs to be sent to status@aerostatus.com as described above.

Using AeroStatus doesn’t cost you a single penny - you simply send one regular text message (just as you would send to a friend) with the flight number and that's it – you simply pay for the cost of one standard SMS - no short codes, no premium numbers, no extra charges! AeroStatus doesn't make money on you!

AeroStatus is available in all countries and supports almost every airline in the world.

From now on all you have to do is to remember just one number for any flight anywhere in the world!

For more details visit www.aerostatus.com

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2 roundtrip airline tix to any major international airport in USA promotion code [28 Aug 2009|10:41am]
Promo code: milse736012 - 2 roundtrip airline tix to any major international airport anywhere in the continental U.S.
Promotion code: 200INTL - Save $10.50 for 3 nights in 3-Star Hotel in Thailand.
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info please! [15 Aug 2009|07:29pm]

so i have been checking out doing  one of the trips with STA.... anyone ever traveled with them before? do you guys know any need to know/ inside info about them? i am just in the info gathering stage so anything you might know would be helpful, thanks!
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Pathwise ~the blog that gets around [14 Aug 2009|09:17am]

We travel. Most of us here do, I'm sure.
All those years of travel left me with a certain degree of expertise and alot of experiences. I decided to give it a go and try to share those experiences.

Pathwise is a new blog I recently started that tells not only travel stories, but also shares all the travel experiences in informative articles about a myriad of topics (first aid, gear reviews, how-to, ...)

I'm adding articles regularly and hope to get people to react (with extra questions they have, or their own tips, experiences, ...)

If you feel like it, check it out: http://pathwise.wordpress.com
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