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New FREE service for air travellers


Just want to let you all know about an exciting new FREE global service - AeroStatus!

What do you do to get a flight status information like:
- if the flight departed and when
- if there is any delay
- when it is expected to arrive, etc?

Usually people call airports or airlines or go online to get flight information, which is costly, especially when roaming, takes a lot of time, and is sometimes not possible at all due to lack of Internet access or language barriers. Even with all the advances in mobile communication technology, most people find it difficult and inconvenient to get even basic information like the time of departure or arrival or details of any delays as there is no single source of information. With AeroStatus this situation changed forever.

Now if you need to get information about any flight in the world, do not look for the airline or airport information service, do not spend time in the internet, do not spend money to call customer service - use AeroStatus!

It’s extremely simple to use - simply send a text message containing the flight number (e.g. JL11) from your phone to the global access number +44 7786 209009 (or other country-specific numbers, depending on the customer’s mobile network) and in a few short moments you will receive the real-time status of the flight, containing information such as the time of departure, arrival, any delays, as well as the relevant gate or terminal where available. And all this in your preferred language, which you select by yourself.

In addition, it is possible to request automatic flight status updates which will alert you instantly should the status change in any way. All you have to do is add a question mark to the end of the flight number in the request message (e.g. JL11?). After that one request, you will receive all further updates, including any delays, confirmation of departure, updated expected arrival times, and confirmation of arrival, upon completion of the flight.

In order to use the service using mobile email, the request simply needs to be sent to as described above.

Using AeroStatus doesn’t cost you a single penny - you simply send one regular text message (just as you would send to a friend) with the flight number and that's it – you simply pay for the cost of one standard SMS - no short codes, no premium numbers, no extra charges! AeroStatus doesn't make money on you!

AeroStatus is available in all countries and supports almost every airline in the world.

From now on all you have to do is to remember just one number for any flight anywhere in the world!

For more details visit

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